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Last Updated: February 1, 2021

Why hire me?

As the founder of a skincare manufacturing business that primarily operates online, I have gained strong customer service skills and communication skills. This is because for over one-year I was the only employee in the business, and as such it was my responsibility to communicate with customers and potential customers. That experience taught me to communicate with everyone including upset customers. Being the only one running everything also gave me strong time management skills, if I did not plan my time well then I would get overwhelmed as I would have too many incomplete tasks that would need to be completed in order to not compromise the growth of the business

Through my experience running an online business, I have also gained skills in graphic design using Canva as visual content is especially important in online businesses as the only experience that a consumer has with your business prior to purchase are those of visuals as opposed to physical businesses that allow a consumer to have multi-sensory experiences.

Another important aspect of any business is the ability to process information and use that to grow the business, this strong analytical skills  allow me to process data and information and use that in decision making to improve customer experiences, this is a very important skill that I will bring on into this job that will help in constantly making sure that I am providing excellent customer service repeatedly.

Growing a business teaches your resilience and  hard work and because you learn on the go you become a fast learner and are able to work in high pressure conditions with no supervision. My goal for this job would be to work about 20 hours in a day. Fortunately, I have a flexible schedule and so my schedule can easily be adjusted based on demand.

In five years’, time my goal is to expand my current business into Africa. In an ideal world, I would like to grow the business to a level that would allow me to resign from the CEO position of the business so I can travel and spend time with my loved ones but still earn money from the business as passive income .In order to achieve this goal I require two things; an additional source of income so that I am able to re-invest more cash into the business (this has become increasingly important especially after the impact that COVID has had on our business) and the other thing is that I need to build my customer service skills as well as Sales. I have taken courses to help me improve those skills but I also feel that I need to practically try these skill in other industries and for others so that I can receive constructive feedback from more seasoned and experienced individual and also so I can stretch myself and open up my mind by seeing and practicing different ways of doing things. I truly believe that we must constantly look for ways to reinvent ourselves and grow in order to reach our goals


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